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Web Development

VPS vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

With the saturation of web hosting services, a number of hosting packages are on the market. With differentiation to stay on top, the line between virtual private servers and dedicated …

So You Have a Website, Now What?

Although many people view the internet as the source of all evil, the benefits it has provided the world with are just more than imaginable. It has brought many opportunities …

Landing Page and Conversion Rates

Learn a little bit about landing page conversion rates so that you can increase the traffic to your landing page and optimize your online strategy.

Free or Paid Hosting?

Web presence is important to all businesses. To establish a web site presence, you obviously need a website, and then for it to exist and stay online it requires a …

4 Design Mistakes You Should Avoid When Designing a Website

In this post, we will look to some element of the worst web design we usually come across. I hope you can take a note of it and if you have it on your site, you should take an action immediately to call those things off.

How To Create a Website in 5 Easy Steps

Discover HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE in 5 easy steps. I will guide you to easily make your first website, even if you are a complete beginners!